Refund policy

* If you received the item & would like to return or exchange it for any reason, you can do so by sending us a message on our facebook page: or through our contacts within 14 days from receiving the order.

* If you received the item & decided to return or exchange it within 14 days, you will be charged for return/exchange shipping fees based on your city and the rest of the money will be refunded to you.

* If there is something wrong with the item received, we will exchange the item without any extra fees.

*If you received the item & you would like to exchange the size, we will exchange the size without any extra fees. 

*Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment. 

* If you paid for your order online using your credit card & would like to return the item & refund your money, your money will be refunded back to your credit card. Refund process will take 7-14 working days from the bank side.

*If you paid the order by cash on delivery, the refund will be done on your mobile wallet.

* We can not refund the money in cash if you paid online through your credit card.

* For hygiene purposes, no refunds or exchanges are allowed for the underwear.